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Planning your shoot

What to expect when you have booked a shoot.

You have decided to use us for your services. Once we have your information you can expect a brief conversation to make sure we are knowledgeable of what your expectations are. This conversation will allow us to get basic information such as the address but will also ask for more detailed information. Below is a basic list of questions.

  • What is the address?

  • How large is the property?

  • Is this a residential or commercial property?

  • What areas (rooms) do you want to put emphasis on?

  • What areas would you like omitted or not included in the project?

  • What deliverables are requested?

  • Who is expected to be on site?

  • What staging or prep work is required?

  • When would you like to have the pictures taken?

  • Is this for an MLS listing, Airbnb, website, or other marketing?

The reason for these questions is to make sure we are going into the project with an understanding of what you are requesting. This is to minimize any issues that might occur, and make sure you receive what you expect if not more.

When we discuss your listing, we can discuss other items, such as video, floor plans, and 360 tours. Our efforts are not to upsell, but to allow you the best marketing for your brand as well as your listing.

As always feel free to reach out with any questions.

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