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Hello, and welcome to Beck Photo and Video.

I’m Matthew Beck, the owner and operator of Beck Photo and Video. One question I am often asked is why I decided to get into real estate photography? Many people assumed I would delve into weddings and portraits, since this what many people view as the obvious path for photography. It has been suggested that I do landscape and architecture on the side, and once I have made a name for myself, I can teach classes. Some would say that I have gone against the grain, but I believe that there is a definitive need for high quality property photos and videos in the Greater Rochester area.

I began working in the visual arts in 1999, starting with a production company in Charlotte, North Carolina then moving into broadcast television. I have worked with multiple TV stations and am presently part of the team at 13 WHAM. This career arc has allowed me to experience the change in technology, while working on the intricacies of visual storytelling. I started with the first High-Definition test for NASCAR at Charlotte Motor Speedway and have recently been apart of the team that brought the live drone video to Rochester.

After the purchase of our home in Palmyra, I noticed that property photography in the local regions was lacking. As a seller, I would want the best efforts used in finding a buyer offering the best price. Now that web services like Zillow and are available many buyers are bypassing a realtor during the searching phase of finding a home. My family only looked at two homes in person before we made an offer. We did look at hundreds within our price range, but they were all viewed online. Pictures are now essential in selling a home, and with better pictures you achieve more views and hopefully better offers.

Every person carries a camera with them at all times in your cell phone, and it might seem like the quick way to get your property listed. You could take a few photos to get them online. From my experience, especially as a buyer, if a home doesn’t have something visual that grabs my attention I am likely going to move on to another listing. This is where a professional photographer that specializes in real estate is your best tool for the listing. A photographer has the equipment, knowledge, and skill to make the property look its best. From making sure that walls are straight, to knowing the best way to get a twilight shot, look to an experienced photographer to help you.

This blog will be used to highlight some recent work, as well as give some knowledge to assist you in finding the best photographer for your needs. Not every photographer specializes in real estate, so finding one that meets your needs is vital. Coming up soon we will discuss the changing drone regulations, as well as the difference between real estate and short-term rental photography.

Hope your property gets its time in the sun.

Matthew Beck

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