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NEW Real Estate Marketing options

Updated: Jan 16

With the ever-changing real estate market around us, we have teamed up with a company to offer you some affordable options to help with your marketing. Our goal is to give you the most flexible options that you can use to promote your properties. Many people post photos to their social media pages, use brokerage resources to print mailers and flyers, and post the listing on MLS and the company webpage. We want to offer you a way to stand out a bit more.

We now have an affordable marketing package! Simple slide show videos with music, social media tiles, webpages, and flyers are available that you can customize to meet your needs. How often have you debated getting videos made, but could not justify the cost? Most places make each video individually, which takes time, and costs money. Even if these videos are a slideshow you are expected to cover the costs of editing. Now we can supply these in 4 versions that you can download and use where you see fit. Need a square teaser video for Instagram?

Do you want a branded slideshow video for your company webpage?

Do you need an unbranded slideshow video for MLS?

Yes, we can provide all of these easily, and efficiently, for any of your needs. Yes these are just a slideshow (due to shooting time required regular video is still an extra charge) but if you need something quickly, they are available within minutes. Yes minutes, after all sometimes your client wants the listing posted yesterday.

One way to make your posts stand out is to make sure they are not just a gathering of photos with a comment. We have templates that you can adjust, to customize your post and include your personal branding. Make your client realize that you are placing their home first and foremost on your priority list.

Show your customers that you care, and are publishing their home to as many places as possible across the internet. With an effective use of hashtags, knowing which social media groups to post in on Facebook, and effective expanding of you social media following and friends, you can spread your listings quickly throughout the area.

These social media tiles can be in either horizontal, square, or vertical format. The choice is always yours. Each has a beneficial use with horizontal on a wide screen (computer), vertical is best for mobile media uses (cell phone), and square is the default format for Instagram. When you combine them with effective hashtag use a simple post can quickly reach throughout the area; not just to your followers and friends, but to other realtors and anyone searching that hashtag.

Also included is a way to really wow you clients, a custom website! If you have the home you really want to show off, a home that you need to push a little more, or you want to make sure you stand out as the realtor that always goes the extra mile you can have a webpage for your listings that you can either have branded or unbranded.

These websites can be used in multiple ways: promote your listings online, elevate yourself as a realtor in your market offering more than the basics, create a QR code that you can post at your open house allowing visitors to see the details as the view the home.

The options are endless. We can even create Facebook posts that link directly to the website. The website traffic can be tracked, and the information is able to be continually updated. Take your listing from Coming Soon, to Live, To Sold. The websites have the slideshow playing at the top, with all relevant information. you can include regular videos, property photos, 3D tours, floorplans, contact information, and a map of where the property is located.

All of this is available for one affordable cost, and is able to be done quickly (through the use of templates) eliminating the waiting time you might have previously experienced. When utilized with the efficient use of hashtags (like #rocrealestate) you can broaden your reach and make sure your clients home stands out.

Always remember if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.


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Tamarah Dewolf
Tamarah Dewolf
Oct 06, 2022

Fantastic options for Realtors and their busy lives . It simplifies everything marketing trust me .I am SOLD !😀

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