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Virtual Staging, Allow Buyers To See The Potential In A Home

Updated: Jan 16

You have a home with a ton of potential, but the sellers have moved out. You have a home you are listing that has just been renovated and is vacant. How do you show the prospective buyers the potential of the home? This is where virtual staging is a possibility. Through the use of digital editing, furniture can be virtual placed in the room in your photos.

Take a room that looks like

And turn it into

Virtual staging gives you the possibility to give an interested buyer a view of what they could do with a home, for the fraction of the cost of traditional staging.

If you were to stage a home it is likely to only be on a higher end listing. Why? Well, let's be honest and the costs involved would be prohibitive for most people, on most homes. To stage a home you have the costs of furniture rental, moving, installation, and removal.... for the entire period you have the home staged. That's an added cost for the time period from photos, to private tours, and open houses.

When virtually staging, yes unfortunately this applies only to the photos. However for an affordable rice you can give viewers impressions of what a home could be with their special touch.

The goal isn't to change the room. The goal is to show the potential.

Should every room be virtually staged? Every possible photo be staged? That is entirely up to you. Depending upon your marketing budget for the home, depending upon your vision for how you plan to market the listing, YOU decide what should be virtually staged. Many times you might decide just one or two rooms, just a few angles. When checking out your photos, if you decide that a couple need virtual staging to add that pop to stop the scroll, let your photographer know. It might take an extra day to get those few photos, but having the right content for your listing is better than rushing to market and possibly turning away prospective buyers.

Now I am not saying every room needs virtual staging. Honestly most homes I would only look at staging the living room and master bedroom. This is because, along with the kitchen, these are the rooms most people spend the most time in.

So now that you have seen a bit of what virtual staging is about, take some time and think... was there a home that could have benefitted from virtual staging? Do you remember that home that many people couldn't realize the potential? Could virtual staging helped market that home, and led to an earlier offer? Release your vision and have one more item you can offer the potential client at your next pitch.

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